VI CONSULTING, LLC.  is the United States limited liability company created in February 2011 and located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Since its establishment VI CONSULTING, LLC. has been involved in various water treatment, water purification and pump stations design and assembly projects.                

VI CONSULTING,  LLC. also is a valve supplier for the water treatment and purification industry.    

The company participation in such ground breaking projects as Oakridge Nuclear Plant (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Knoxville, Tennessee; Coca-Cola plant for beverage bottling "Industria Refresquera Peninsular" Merida, Mexico; Wisconsin Electric Power Co. - RO/DI systems for gas turbine water injection; Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida - High Purity Water Systems; Pump stations for agricultural irrigation 13,000 GPM / 17,000 GPM - Vinodelnensky, Russia and many other is a great testimony to VI CONSULTING, LLC. high quality performance and reliability.  

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